Why Contoured Pillow?

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Why Contoured Pillow?

Contour pillows are in curved design. Contour pillows may help to reduce pressure on neck muscle joints, helping you sleep more comfortably and wake up with less stiffness or joint pain.

Contour pillows can help in a restless sleep by providing the proper comfort for your rest while holding your head and neck in such a manner to allow an alleviation in snoring, migraines, and neck and upper back stress. They also work well in conjunction with chiropractic treatments, or other support you may be getting from a practitioner; they are often suggested as a way to help support overall body health.

Contour pillows retain their shape, and you do not have to worry about shaping the pillow for comfort or shifting pillow structure through the night. They also help reduce pressure points to allow for a truly comfortable experience.

What do you need to consider when choosing a contour pillow?

1. What is your sleep position?

Obviously, your sleeping position is highly influential to a contour pillow. Most, but not all contour choices are focused on back or side sleepers, with very few available to a stomach sleeping profile.

2. Do you sleep warm?

If you sleep warm, choose a material that address cooling properties and airflow. Breathable contour latex pillow may help in this situation. If you do struggle with heat, be sure to look for reviews pertaining to the temperature of the pillow.

3. Do you wake with aches and pains?

If you are on the hunt for a pillow due to discomfort, then you may already be aware of what isn’t working for you. Be sure to consider pillows that have different qualities than what you already have. Also be aware it can take about 30 days to truly adjust to and get used to the feel of a new pillow.

4.Do you snore or suffer from migraines or headaches?

Snoring, headaches, and migraines can all be caused by poor cervical support and the resulting discomfort and poor blood flow. Cervical pillows are made specifically to address poor posture, and contour pillows are probably well worth considering helping alleviate these symptoms.


Each pillow type provides differing sleep comforts and support to your sleep. If you suffer from comfort issues related to head, back, or neck pain, then ergonomically designed curved pillows may have the ability to provide some much-needed relief. Your own body type, preferences, and sleep position will better help you determine which pillow may work best for you, but, the curved design contour pillow could be one of your best options.

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