Types of pillows for various sleeping positions

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Types of pillows for various sleeping positions

The types of pillows you choose to rest your head upon each night is as important as your mattress. Your body alignment can be severely affected by a poor pillow choice, and unfortunately, many people are unaware of just how important a pillow can be to their overall sleep quality.

Sleep Position and pillow choice

You choose your mattress based on your natural sleep position to provide proper spinal alignment and support throughout the night. Your pillow choices should be chosen for the same reason since compromising your cervical support can badly affect your overall health over time. Choosing your pillow based on looks is a common mistake, you should choose a pillow based on your sleeping position.

Back Sleeper

Sleeping on your back is one of the most healthy way to sleep.  Sleeping on your back supports your spine more than any other position. Many beauticians believe sleeping on your back is a way to help keep your skin looking more youthful due to how gravity works upon your body throughout the night.

A back sleeper needs a thinner pillow that helps hold their head in alignment between, and level, their shoulders. If your head falls too far back, it places a strain upon your neck and upper back, and if it is lifted too high, it will compress your vertebrae and affect your lower back.

a soap shape pillow to hold your neck while you are lying on your back

Stomach Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is not a highly recommended sleeping position. In fact it is the worst sleep position you can choose, but if this is the position you fall naturally into sleep, there is not much you can do but to support it the best way possible. Since your neck and spine will always be somewhat compromised when sleeping on your stomach, you need to focus on keeping it as level as possible with your spine which means it should lay flat, or near flat, with the mattress surface depending on your body type.

Thinner pillows are your best bet if you are a stomach sleeper. Most importantly choose a pillow that does not lift your head above your shoulders too far to keep from stressing the rest of your back.

Side Sleeper

Side sleeping is the most common sleep position. Most mattress provides contouring and allow your body to naturally rest and help keep your spine straight. Mattresses with proper zoning will help to keep your spine aligned.

If you are a side sleeper, you need to look for a thicker supportive pillow that helps hold your head even between your shoulders and also fills in the gap created between your head and shoulders to allow your neck to rest. Choose a pillow that ergonomically designed for your neck to rest on it and provide you the support that you needed.

Napure Contour Pillow
Napure contour pillow , a perfect fit for side sleeper