NAPURE – As good as new one even after 10 years of use

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NAPURE – As good as new one even after 10 years of use

Buying a mattress is one of the most important investment you would make in your dream home, as you will spend the most of your time in it for the next 10 -15 years.

Hence, one of the factors to consider when choosing the right mattress for your dream home is DURABILITY. It’s the quality of the materials used and how they’re put together that determine how long a mattress will provide the comfort and support you bought them for.

NAPURE mattresses are made from 100% natural latex from renewable rubber tree resources. NO fillers or impurities are added into NAPURE latex. This has been tested and certified by German’s renowned laboratory ECO Umweltinstitut GmbH as natural and free from harmful chemicals. Due to the purity of the products, NAPURE latex mattress has successfully passed the durability test done by German’s LGA QualiTest GmbH.

LGA Germany is a leading independent institution that conducts test, examinations and quality certifications from all aspects of materials and consumer products on products stability, durability, safety, working life span, pollutant analysis and testing. It is also a certification body for systems and quality certifications in accordance with ISO 9001 and
ISO 14001. LGA is also a participating organisation in national and international furniture committees and carries out tests in accordance with international standards.

NAPURE latex has been tested in a durability test rig with a roller load of 1400N in a total of 60,000 cycles ( which is equivalent to 10 years of daily 8 hours of usage). At the end of the test, NAPURE showed a score of 96 out of 100 points. (A reading of more than 70 points implies good quality according to LGA’s standard.) This implies that NAPURE mattresses are as good as new ones even after 10 years of use.

In a nut shell, NAPURE mattress is naturally anti fungus, anti bacteria and ALLERGY FREE. The mattress is maintained at high hygiene standard throughout its useful lifespan.

It gives you not only the cushioning comfort that is unmatched by spring and foam mattresses, but also the therapeutic support for proper sleeping posture.