NAPURE Cloud Collection – The Natural Latex Mattress for your health & comfort

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NAPURE Cloud Collection – The Natural Latex Mattress for your health & comfort

NAPURE, a German registered mattress brand is made according to the stringent German Technology. NO fillers or impurities are added into NAPURE latex. This has been tested and certified by German’s reknowned laboratory ECO Umweltinstitut GmbH. And, because of this purity, NAPURE latex is tested to be more durable.

When it comes to breathability, no other mattress types can beat latex mattress. Latex mattress is made of holes. They are ordinary holes called “pincore holes”. This is actually the main technology of latex mattress and it is what gives it its numerous health benefits.

The pincore holes allow the mattress to be breathable. Air can flow in and out which will in turn regulate the temperature of the mattress making it a better option for tropical climate. Also, the breathability of the mattress eliminates a humid environment which will then reduce the likelihood of developing molds.

A mattress will not be a huge hit if it does not possess the ability to get rid of sore back, aching muscles and stiff neck. Again, this is the part where pincore holes provide incomparable benefits. Unlike other technologies, the pincore holes provide a good balance between comfort to your lower back area and support to your upper back. It provides just the right mattress feel to it and helps you correct your posture as you sleep.

Every NAPURE Cloud Collection latex mattress comes with 7 zone support which is specially designed to minimize pressure points and reduce tossing and turning which in turn improves quality of sleep. NAPURE pays special attention to your shoulders, hips and lower back. It provides homogenous support for your body contour that is superior to spring mattress for back and spine support. Most important of all, NAPURE mattresses are engineered with combination of different hardness to provide therapeutic support for proper sleeping posture.

The newly launched NAPURE Cloud Collection comes with the flexibility of changing hardness to suit individual’s preference. Customers are allowed to change the hardness of the topper according to their own needs. At NAPURE , we don’t believe one hardness fits all. That’s why, we provide this customization flexibility.

Latex mattress is naturally hypoallergenic due to the fact that it is manufactured from natural rubber tree sap. Children should not be exposed to chemicals as their skin is sensitive to the effects of such harsh elements.

HOWEVER, latex mattresses are not all beds of roses. Not all latex mattresses are alike. They may have the same technology but they differ in construction, durability and comfort. Some brands will fail to deliver on the benefits of this type of mattress. There are few issues to consider when you are looking for a latex mattress.

One issue about latex mattress is latex allergies. A significant number of people suffer from latex allergy. NAPURE latex has been tested and passed Skin Irritation Test. 24 hour contact of NAPURE on abraded skin found no sign of irritation. NAPURE also passed the Skin Sensitisation Test. 3 weeks induction of NAPURE on bare skin showed no sign of positive allergenic reaction. This is made possible because NAPURE is manufactured in accordance to a stringent production process to achieve good quality
latex foam that is ALLERGY FREE.

In a nutshell, NAPURE , a German registered branded mattress, is naturally anti fungus, anti bacteria and ALLERGY FREE. The mattress is maintained at high hygiene standard throughout its useful lifespan. It gives you not only the cushioning comfort that is unmatched by spring and foam mattresses, but also the therapeutic support for proper sleeping posture.