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  • 10 years warranty on all Napure mattresses
  • 3 years warranty on all Napure pillows
  • The warranty covers only manufacturing defects with a visible indentation of more than 2cm on Napure latex, or overall indentation of more than 4cm including the spring (if any)
  • Normal body impression on the quilted outer cover and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse, including among others, placing the mattress on poor bed frame, jumping, spilling liquid on the mattress etc.
  • If the warranty is triggered within the first 2 years upon delivery, Napure will at its discretion to repair or replace a Napure mattress at no charge. (excluding transportation charge)
  • If the warranty is triggered after the first 2 years, the owner will have to bear a pro-rata cost of 1/10th per year of the prevailing list price plus transportation charge.
  • Napure reserves the right to substitute comparable materials if the original materials are not available.

Napure’s Care

  • All Napure mattress is “Turn-free”. Which means you do not need to periodically flip and rotate your mattress to maintain them.
  • Be extra careful not to hurt your back when you try to move or carry Napure mattress which is very heavy.
  • Do not expose Napure mattress under direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose Napure to prolong direct heating source of above 60C
  • Do not spill liquid onto the mattress, should this happen, just air it by fan.
  • Do not expose Napure to corrosive fume. Gases and solution (acid and alkaline
  • Do not expose to solvent and oil
  • Do not expose Napure latex to direct contact with metallic materials