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Napure’s Collection

As one of the best manufacturing brands of natural latex mattresses, pillows, overlays, bed linen and more, certified by top German certification bodies – ECO Umweltinstitut and LGA Qualitest GmbH, Napure understands that different individuals have different needs when it comes to bedding products. As such, Napure provides a variety of latex mattress series, namely Negative Ion, Organic, Viscolatex, Chiro, Agro Posture Spring series, as well as adjustable bed bases and accessories to select from for suiting your personal bedroom needs. Each of these distinct series has their own unique strengths, and we are confident that you would find the one that is just right for you.

Organic SeriesViscolatex SeriesChiro SeriesAgro Posture Spring SeriesAdjustable Bed BasesAccessories

Organic Series

No synthetic chemicals that is harmful to human body.

Viscolatex Series

The combination of visco elastic foam with 100% pure latex.

Chiro Series

Extra firm support to complement Chiropractic treatment.

Agro Posture Spring Series

Proprietary 7 zone posture spring system made in Germany.

Adjustable bed bases from Froli, Germany

5 zone adjustable bed base fully imported from Germany.


Pillows, Overlays and bed linen.