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Napure’s Technology

100% Natural & Pure LatexProprietary Posture Spring System made in Germany

Advanced features of Napure latex

One of the most distinct differentiating factor that makes Napure latex superior in quality is the use of Far-infra-red (FIR) moisture extraction technology – Napure is the first to embark on FIR to remove water content from latex. This technology produces latex foam that is evenly and thoroughly dried, eliminating the surface powderish problem caused by surfaced overdried
No Fillers – fillers are natural clay added to increase the density and hardness of the latex at the compromise of durability and aeration.
Napure uses rubber chemicals that achieve well above the FDA approved standard – low cost substitute may emit harmful gases when heated
100% Natural latex, 0% synthetic rubber (Styrene Butyldiene Rubber , SBR) – Natural latex is superior in tensile strength and resilient compared to synthetic products
Low protein content – Natural latex concentrate contains proteins. High protein content may cause allergy to sensitive skin. Napure’s advanced technology has vastly eliminated this to achieve good quality latex foam that is hypo-allergenic
Napure uses food grade filtered water in its production process to ensure absolute cleanliness
Napure latex are made anti-fungus and anti-bacteria, it ensures your mattress is maintained at high hygiene standard throughout its useful lifespan
Napure uses proprietary spring system from AGRO germany. Punktoflaex Maxi Pocket Spring comes with 7 zones support. It provides high flexibility by exclusive central bonding. Punktoflaex spring units provide independent movement of each coil within the unit to minimize motion transfer. It also provides excellent contouring to your body.