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Natural Latex Foam Mattress

The combination of sophisticated technology and use of high quality natural latex enables Napure to bring about organic latex foam mattresses. More than mere bedding products, Napure’s natural latex mattresses are one of the best healthcare products you can get for yourself. With that said, here are the benefits of these natural, organic mattresses.


Natural elastic resilience and firmness of latex foam mattresses enables them to provide superb body support, while still soft enough to relieve pressure points. This reduces or even eliminates muscle fatigue and pain from trying to constantly adjust positions and compensate for cave-ins by tossing and turning around. Furthermore, with enough contours to ensure proper alignment, the resulting comfort enables sleepers to easily get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Motion isolation

Latex foam mattresses possess superior vibration absorption, enabling external motion disturbances to be effectively dampened. This is especially important in the case of having a partner on the other side of the bed, as it makes the tosses and turns of one sleeper barely noticeable to the other one sharing the bed. Sleeping experience, thus, deeper sleep can be achieved and maintained easier due to fewer interruptions.


Due to being made from organic materials and having less use of industrial chemicals in manufacturing processes, natural latex foam mattresses give off far less unpleasant odours when they are still new, compared to mattresses made of synthetic materials. This reduced off-gassing is especially important to those sensitive to smells and have respiratory problems, such as asthma, as it would allow these sleepers to sleep better without being bothered by unpleasant smells.


Owing again to inherent resilience, natural latex foam mattresses are highly durable. It is common for these organic mattresses to last for up to a decade, as well as outlasting most other types of mattresses available. They also have the additional advantage of being biodegradable, and as such, are also environmentally-friendlier bedding product choices.