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Latex Bed & Latex Pillow

Napure, one of the best bedding product brands manufacturing mattresses and pillows made of fine natural latex from Malaysia, is certified by top German certification bodies – ECO Umweltinstitut and LGA Qualitest GmbH. This certification serves as a testament to the quality of all of Napure’s latex bedding products, we have been providing bedding for hotels as well as for regular consumers.

Natural latex is known for its resilience, which when being manufactured into latex bedding products for hotels or homes alike, holds its form well under pressure and would not cave in or flatten easily. This enables latex mattresses and pillows to provide firm support, thus eliminating muscle fatigue from tossing and turning, enabling easy maintenance of good sleeping posture, as well as comfort throughout the sleep cycle. The inherent nature of natural latex allows these bedding products to be allergen free and free of unappealing smells, thus ensuring rejuvenating sleep and thus improved health in the long term.

Other than being comfortable in all sense of the word, Napure’s bedding products made from Malaysian latex is also easy to clean and very durable. Therefore, owners need not concern themselves too much with maintenance, as it is very common for these latex mattresses and latex pillows to serve up to a decade or even more. While some may find that their initial prices might be rather steep, they would quickly find them to be healthcare investment worth every single cent paid.

Owing to the aforementioned traits of the latex bedding product’s advantages of resilience, comfort, allergen and smell free, ease of maintenance, durability and value for money, these latex bed and pillows are suitable for use as beds in homes as well as hotel beds. If they are good enough to you well personally, it is without doubt that they will serve well on beds of hotels.