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Napure latex was tested by this world reknowned German body to be

  • 100% Natural, 0% Synthetic
  • Pure latex without filler
  • Do not contain harmful chemicals like Pentachlorophenol and Tetrachlorophenol

Passes German’s LGA Quality Test
60,000 compression cycle of 1400 N roller showed a score of 97 out of 100 (a reading of more than 70 implies good quality)

Excellent Tensile Strength
Napure latex achieves Elongation at Break at 275 which far exceeds the minimum requirement of 150 of MS679:1999 standards.

Passed Skin Irritation Test
24 hour contact of NAPURE on abraded skin found no sign of irritation.

Passed Skin Sensitisation Test
3 weeks induction of NAPURE on bare skin showed no sign of positive allergic reaction.

NAPURE uses rubber chemicals that achieve well above the FDA approved standard – Low cost substitutes may emit harmful gases when heated.