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Napure is a German registered brand. Napure is tested and certified by top German Reknown certification bodies, namely ECO Unweltinstitut and LGA Qualitest GmbH. Napure was founded with a simple vision: to provide bedding systems that helps consumer to sleep better, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Napure endeavours to provide superb mattress system through intricate engineering. Mattress is no longer merely a cushion to sleep on, but a heath care product that affects your lifestyle. With almost one third of your life on it, a good mattress could determine whether you could achieve your goals in life with a healthy body. Through vigorous research, Napure uses the finest natural and pure latex from Malaysia which is reknown for its purity and durability. This coupled with the proprietary spring systems from Germany, has made one of the finest combination that we believe best serve our promise – engineered for your ultimate comfort and health.

Do our part to conserve the environment – by using Napure you are in fact supporting our call to reduce carbon dioxide from the air as the total production process from rubber trees to finished product has negative carbon-emission. Rubber trees, or Hevea Brasiliensis has one of the highest CO2 absorption rate among all trees. Synthetic blended latex is produced by process that uses extensive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Methane (CHx) in the cooling process which are subsequently released to the air, potentially harmful to the environment.

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Rubber Estate in Malaysia’s forest reserve