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Back Care Mattress

One of the most apparent downsides of sleeping on a subpar mattress is lack of back care, and thus results in back pain. This is due to the mattress being slept on is either being too soft to provide inadequate support to the body, or too hard and thus places too much pressure on the body. Either way, sleeping on one such mattress will result in very poor sleep quality, which in turn results in you waking up in a groggy state, and negatively affects the quality of your next day.

Napure, a German registered brand owned by one of the largest latex mattress manufacturer in Malaysia, Mattress World Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, uses the highest quality natural latex from Malaysia to manufacture mattresses, pillows and other bedding products. Napure’s back care latex mattress features an unique 7-zone spine support to provide total body support and superior vibration absorption, while having the right amount of resilience and natural aeration allows for easy maintenance of sleeping posture, as well as ensuring great comfort through the night.

This combination of sophisticated technology from one of the latex mattress manufacturer and fine natural latex from Malaysia, results in an amazing, affordable back care mattress with an orthopaedic design, ensuring that your precious period of rejuvenation is not wasted. Napure’s back care mattress features several long term benefits:

  • Significantly reduced tossing and turning during sleep, eliminating muscle aches and fatigue
  • Minimized disturbance due to discomfort, resulting in a deeper sleep and fuller rest
  • Better maintenance of posture allows for better spine health, which in turn helps maintain fitness better
  • Better air circulation results in greater comfort during sleep
  • Mattress having longer lifespan due to being manufactured using high quality materials
  • Requires no turning over, thus allows for easier maintenance and reduced risk of back injury